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Be a partner for change this Christmas

Help transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people. 

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We met Devotha when she needed help to complete her studies. But we quickly saw that her whole family needed support. 

Devotha’s father needed medical treatment, her mum needed income support, and the whole family needed secure and stable housing. 


Compelled By Love, together with our local partner and with support from the local community, provided medical treatment, built a new home and made it all possible.

Devotha’s new home has been completely life-changing for the family. 

It’s been a shift from hopelessness to hope. From powerlessness to empowerment.

At Compelled By Love, we are privileged to support people like Devotha and her family as they bring long term change and transformation to their lives.

We do this through partnering with local organisations. And by partnering with generous donors like you.

This Christmas, we hope you feel the joy of giving, and the satisfaction of empowering even more people like Devotha and her family. 

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