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The thing I love the most about being part of CBL is having the privilege of seeing people’s lives be transformed, and knowing that through CBL, I personally have a part in that – that I have a role in facilitating or creating an opportunity for someone to move forward – it truly doesn’t get any better than that.  

I also absolutely love being part of an amazing team of dedicated people, building relationships, collaborating, being challenged, and being stretched and grown as a person. 


It’s pretty tough to pick one highlight moment from the last year! But one of my favourites was a visit to Australia from our Rwandan partners, Christophe and Diane, from CARSA. Their visit was an incredible time of reflecting, sharing amazing stories, deepening relationship, dreaming and planning for the future. We are already moving forward in fantastic ways as a result of this face-to-face time and lives are being impacted through the work we are developing together. 

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Board Member

It’s my honour to serve as a Director with Compelled By Love. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and ideas to help develop our programs with our many partners. Together with Karen, I have been fortunate to spend time engaging on the ground with many of CBL’s projects.


I am grateful to be able to stand with those who are marginalised and vulnerable in our global community and to see hope, justice and dignity restored in the lives of many.




Board Member

I love being part of a team and an organisation that lives out its purpose to help others be the best that they can be. Standing beside partner organisations with a purposeful intent and a humble spirit to see them thrive resonates so well with CBL and my own personal aspirations.


The highlight CBL moment for me this past year was spending a week in India together with Fiona visiting our partner and connecting with the students; some of whom I have seen growing up over 10 years. I know that our support is merely a spec in the population of India but to see a real difference being made in a young person’s life is truly heart-warming. 





Board Member

What I love most about being a part of CBL is being part of an organisation that changes lives. We get to hear first hand about the difference that the Empower program makes to the participants. We can follow students through their studies, seeing them succeed in finding a career and changing the projection of their life. Because we are small, we can have that personal interaction and influence.


I love it that we partner with in-country organisations in our overseas work - people who are experts in their country and culture. It is such a blessing to know them, to work through issues and to see them blessed through CBL's support. For me personally, I am growing through this interaction, learning more about partnership and development. Following this thought, a highlight this year for me was meeting our partners Christophe and Diane. Hearing about the work that they do, seeing their passion and learning through what they shared was inspirational and made me so thankful to be on the journey with them. 

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Project Manager/

Board Member

 My official title on Team CBL is Project Manager. My role is to assist with the smooth administration of the organisation's projects. This entails developing and implementing project strategy, developing our programs and projects, collaborating with our partners and deepening our relationship with them. 


So practically speaking, I answer copious amounts of emails, take phone calls and enquiries, develop our budget and strategy, take minutes of meetings, submit reports to the board, communicate regularly with our partners, visit our projects, assist with events and so on. 


Do I love it? Heck yes! I love being part of team. It is so energising. I love that we have collaboration at the heart of who we are, because it is in the together that we can achieve so much more. I love people, so I get to chat and learn from our team, our partners, our donors, volunteers and supporters. This is just as fulfilling as chocolate! 



Accounts Manager

Renzil, as Accounts Manager, has been a huge asset to our team using his financial knowledge and expertise in providing efficient, effective, transparent and accountable management of funds, assisting CBL to build resources and credibility. He has assisted in the payroll, superannuation, ATO reporting, receipting, audits and meeting a host of other financial requirements. This, coupled with his soft and generous heart, has made him a valuable team member.