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  • Isabelle’s House

    We love all the work we get to be a part of, seeing people’s lives be transformed from the inside out (click here to read about the Empower program). One of our favourite things is the privilege of providing housing for people who desperately need it. Meet the beautiful Isabelle – she’s a survivor of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi. She is married and lives with her husband, Narcisse and their three children in rural Rwanda. Isabelle attended the Empower program as a participant in 2014, and has been on her own incredible journey of healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. She eventually became an Empower facilitator, and now works hard to help others also receive healing. Through the inner changes that Isabelle experienced from Empower, she has now improved her life, and that of her family. Together with Narcisse, they worked hard and put in a tremendous effort to build a house for their family. However, they have not been able to complete the house due to their lack of means. Some of what they had built was also damaged by flooding and rain. Houses in Rwanda are made of mud bricks, and then sealed with cement. Isabelle is part of a small group of Empower participants in her community, who now help and support each other in their healing journeys, and in their lives. Incredibly, this small group contributed money together to buy some bags of cement to help Isabelle – but it wasn’t enough and they haven’t been able to fully cement the house. The house also did not have a toilet, kitchen or washroom (bathroom). Towards the end of last year, CBL and CARSA (our partner) worked together to help this family complete their house, as well as build a separate toilet, kitchen and washroom. It has been amazing to watch this house take shape! If you are familiar with Rwanda, you’ll know that it is very hilly! You can see that Isabelle’s house is built on a hill, and so a lot of work also went into building a retaining wall so that the foundation of the house would be secure. In progress: The family moved in just a couple of days after Christmas – what a gift! This house is going to be life-transforming for this family, providing the basic needs of security and shelter, but more than that, restoring the dignity and confidence of the whole family. In addition to the house itself and the separate kitchen, toilet and washroom, we were also able to connect electricity and a single tap for running water – so many families don’t have either of these basics. These two things alone will increase the capacity of this family in so many ways! The project has also benefitted around 30 neighbouring families, who were employed to provide labour for the construction. The total cost of this project was about $7,000 – wow! That’s almost unbelievable! We can achieve so much and have such a massive impact – to be able to do so much with that amount of money, it’s such a great opportunity! We have several families that desperately need housing, with our next housing project planned to start later this year. If you’d like to get involved, please contact us, or you can donate directly to housing projects here. The finished product:

  • Masks and Thermometers

    Rwanda is continuing to struggle with coronavirus – in the last month, the number of cases and deaths increased and Kigali went back into a strict lockdown. Students have spent the majority of 2021 home from school, only recently finally returning to school in three phases at the end of October, November and January. In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus in schools, all students and staff must wear face-masks and have their temperature checked at the start of the day. However, many schools, particularly in rural areas, did not have the resources to purchase enough thermometers and tens of thousands of students cannot afford a mask. This has had a HUGE impact on student’s education, as well as their health and safety. CARSA’s Programs Manager, Sylvestre, explained it this way, Once we went to the schools, those schools in rural places where the kids were coming from really poor areas, we saw the masks they did have were just useless, they were too old. One mask can be shared with eight people in the whole family. The kids take the mask to school. Then they come home and their dad takes the same mask to go and meet someone and so on. When we saw this happening, it was helpful to understand how great the need was. Testing temperatures was taking such a long time before starting classes [because there is maybe one or two thermometers for 2,000 students]. Even some school leaders said they didn’t test the students because if they do this, at the end of the week they will find themselves not having covered all the subjects that were planned. It’s really a risk. If someone is there with a fever, they can infect the whole class, the whole school. You can see how a small thing can be helpful. Our local partner, CARSA, work in the communities in Kamonyi and Muhanga. The district leaders came to CARSA to ask for help to provide masks and thermometers to their local schools to protect the students and prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as enable teachers to have time to actually teach their students. The need was just overwhelming – CBL supported CARSA to provide masks and thermometers to the students and schools who were the most in need from a very long list. So far, we have done two distributions and together provided 158 thermometers and 46,716 masks! The thermometers and masks were given to the district leaders and headteachers, and then CARSA visited a selection of schools in order to follow up the distribution. The CARSA team met the students, oversaw the distribution of the masks, and were able to share information and encouragement with the students. The team chose to visit some of the really remote schools. These schools are hard to get to, they are far from the roads, they really are the unseen schools. The parents from these schools in particular were so appreciative – they said that to them it meant that they had someone thinking about them, acknowledging them as people and really giving them a voice – what an incredible gift to give! It has been just incredible to be part of this project – but the need is so great! There’s so much more to be done! Will you help us provide more masks and thermometers? It costs about $1 to purchase a face-mask. We need more than 100,000 masks – what could you do? 1 mask? 10 masks? 100 masks? Whatever your capacity, each mask provides dignity and increased safety for students and staff. I costs about $60 for a thermometer. We need 735 thermometers – what could you do? Every thermometer increases the safety of staff and students, and gives more time for education, which is so vital for these children’s futures. Click here to give – all donations are tax deductible, and will make an incredible difference, no matter the amount. Don’t miss your opportunity to DO SOMETHING. Some students and leaders speak about the impact: We really thank CARSA and its partners for responding positively to our call. This pandemic is a global issue, which requires a collaboration and partnership to deal with it. The government has done a lot to help protecting its people but as you know it can’t afford everything needed alone. CARSA has been doing a good work in trauma healing, reconciliation and peace building among the youth in secondary schools. This time you have intervened in saving lives of youth you work with. The support provided shows the love and how much you care for people you serve. Masks and thermometers you have given will make a big difference in preventing the infection and spread of the pandemic among the communities of Muhanga district. - Vice Mayor of Muhanga District in charge of Social Affairs When things get tough, people think only about themselves, but it’s amazing to see that there are still people driven by love, people who can think about forsaken people like us in a very remote place. We thank CARSA and its supporters for providing thermometers and masks for just protecting our children during this difficult period. Though our kids were going to school, we were very concerned that they might be infected by COVID-19 and infect the whole family once they are back in their respective families. On behalf of other parents, I thank you very much for the help you provided. - Parent representative of Gihara Secondary School I used to wear an old mask that I picked from a rubbish bin, but I’m happy that I’ve got a new mask. Thank you very much for caring for us. - Student from Groupe Scolaire Horezo I have been sharing one old face-mask with my parents and siblings. But I’m happy that I’ve got my own that I will be wearing to protect myself against this terrifying pandemic COVID-19. We pray that God keeps blessing you so that you will be able to help my classmates who couldn’t get a new mask. - Student from Groupe Scolaire Munini. Thank you so much for being part of the solution, for thinking of others and doing what you can – give today and encourage everyone you know to give a mask or two – together we can make a difference!

  • How Your Generosity Made A Difference

    It’s a great time to share a bit of love and a bit of hope! We’re sending out so much love to all of you as we continue to struggle with the impacts of COVID-19, with an extra dose for all our fellow Victorians as we feel the pain of stage four restrictions. As we stand together and support each other as Victorians, and as Australians, we’re so grateful for the ways that you have stood with our neighbours across the world as well – practicing generosity and thinking of others. We’ve got some good news stories to share, so read on to give yourself a bit of a pick-me-up today! As part of our response to COVID-19 in Rwanda, we distributed food to families who found themselves literally starving, and in even more desperate times than their usual daily struggles, due to lockdown that totally restricted the ability to earn any form of income. Here’s how your generosity made a difference: “I cannot get enough words to express my gratitude to those who thought of us and gave us food. I am a genocide survivor. There are five of us living together at home, and I am providing for everyone when I worked – even in the normal situation, I hardly can survive. When the lockdown started, I got really worried about how things will go. Surprisingly, I was contacted through my community small group leader and given food. It was not me alone, but many of us were given food. I am happy that we were helped to get through the lockdown. I praise God.” – Judith “The lockdown was a time where we could not get any work – all work was closed. Movement was not allowed and we are only able to get food at home when my husband or I have worked. I was happy to receive food which helped us to survive during the lockdown. I could not figure out how my children would survive. Things are now eased, we can at least get some work if we adhere to the pandemic preventative measures. We praise God we got food during the time when we were hopeless.” – Isabelle As restrictions eased, wearing facemasks became mandatory in Rwanda, and people are not allowed to leave their homes without one. Many of those we work with in communities could not afford to buy masks, making it impossible to go out to buy food, or seek medical attention, or visit their neighbours for some connection. Providing masks enabled people to go out safely, and for our community small groups to meet together to encourage and support one another, and for the small group leaders to connect and help the members: “I volunteer as an overseer of seven community small groups, and I visit them all at least once a month. I was worried how I will be able to visit without facemasks. When we received the masks, my worries were answered. I now visit the groups, talk to them, and help them walk the journey of healing, forgiveness and reconciliation that they have started. I also visit some members at home.” – Xavier “When we received the masks, I was able to move around visiting our community small groups, mobilising them to come together to help one of our members, Bibiane, to make bricks and construct her house. Bibiane’s house was destroyed by natural disasters and she had been living at her neighbour’s house for months. We gave some masks to the group members, and they were able to meet together and do the work. The bricks were made and the house was repaired – it is now at the level of being ready for a roof. The masks helped us very much because otherwise we would not have been able to move outside our homes. We also have two group members who are sick, they have been injured and have broken bones – we’ve been able to visit them in their homes and comfort them.” THANK YOU for the incredible difference you’ve made! We absolutely love seeing generosity make an impact, bringing empowerment and hope not only for those we give to, but for us as well! Want to do more? You could Give today to help us to: Provide more masks to enable access to basic needs, as well as connection and support in communities Assist individual families still struggling with lack of food Repair and rebuild homes destroyed by recent flooding in Rwanda Click here to Support You could Become a CBL partner, making a monthly gift - click here to support You could share with your friends to empower others to be involved in making a difference You could Take the #endCOVIDforall pledge to continue in solidarity with others - click here to sign

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  • Home | Compelledbylove

    Home Projects Get Involved About Us More Donate Invest into a story bigger than your own. COVID-19 Our Response & Updates Read More #END COVID FOR ALL Join the Movement Read More With local and global projects, your donation has the power to make a difference all over the world This is your moment to make a lasting impact We are Compelled By Love. An Australian-based organisation committed to seeing things made right where poverty and brokenness exist. Explore our projects below India Rwanda Learn More Our strategy is different If you are looking to make long-term, sustainable change, we are the right organisation for you! We implement programs by collaborating with grassroots organisations run by local people, to help them make a real impact in their own communities. People can experience poverty and brokenness in lots of different ways. We aim to see the whole person restored, ourselves included. What does this mean? You have a role in the fight against poverty. ​ ​ We maximise your impact by working strategically Give with confidence 98% of your dollar goes straight to local projects fighting po verty Learn More What we do We are industry leaders of: Community Development /keˈmju:nIti diˈvelepm(e)nt// ​ noun ​ 1. A process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. ​ Because of you, this is the impact we've made.... Rwanda India Australia 3,362 People have received trauma rehabilitation and counselling through the Empower program 86 People have been sponsored for education and medical assistance 556 Students have participated in our Australian school programs Recent Blog Posts Feb 22 3 min Isabelle’s House 16 Feb 22 4 min Masks and Thermometers 13 Oct 1, 2020 3 min How Your Generosity Made A Difference 15

  • Projects | Compelledbylove

    Home Projects Get Involved About Us More Donate Projects Our projects are all about partnership and collaboration We collaborate with local organisations, combining our skills and resources with their local insight, experience and knowledge. Working together helps us develop projects that see lasting and effective change for individuals and communities. We have project partnerships in India and Rwanda. Projects in India are focused on education, while our work in Rwanda centres around trauma counselling, rehabilitation and reconciliation. India Explore our projects Rwanda Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead.

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    Home Projects Get Involved About Us More Donate Donate Donation Options MYKONOS 01/19 - 01/23 Where it's Needed Most DONATE HERE SANTORINI 01/19 - 01/23 COVID-19 Relief DONATE HERE HYDRA 01/19 - 01/23 Housing Projects DONATE HERE 98% of your donation will go straight to local projects ​Compelled By Love has administration costs, just like any organisation does, but we are privileged to have these supported by a major donor - this support includes staff wages, donation of office space, equipment and stationery, and expenses related to project visits. In addition to our day to day running costs, we also require project management - this is the cost of effectively running and managing our projects to ensure that we are achieving outcomes and impact - actually making a difference. This includes costs for transferring funds, exchange and bank fees, receipting, and monitoring and auditing. ​We see project management as a vital part of delivering effective development projects that produce long-lasting, sustainable change in people's lives and so it's a crucial investment for us. With the support of our major donor, volunteer time and a focus on efficiency, we are able to invest appropriately in project management, whilst still ensuring that this is a small percentage of total costs, always looking to achieve the right balance for maximum impact. ​Tax deductible funds are not used for evangelism, welfare or political activities. If you would like any more information about your donation, please contact us at TAX DEDUCTIBILITY Compelled By Love is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient. Donations to Compelled By Love are tax deductible. For a receipt, please send an email with details of your donation to . DIRECT DEBIT DETAILS Our bank account details for direct deposit are: ​ Account Name: Compelled by Love BSB: 033-369 Account Number: 350909 SWIFT Code: WPACAU2S REGULAR DONATION To make a regular donation, simply set up an automatic transfer to Compelled By Love via your internet banking for the amount and frequency of your choosing using our bank details: Account Name: Compelled by Love BSB: 033-369 Account Number: 350909 SWIFT Code: WPACAU2S Drop us an email to let us know about your support so we can send you a receipt and allocate the funds if you'd like them to go to a specific project - or set this up online, through our partner, Chuffed . Click here PROJECT-SPECIFIC DONATIONS If funds donated for a specific project or purpose cannot be used for for that original purpose for reasons beyond our control (for example if the funds raised were more than required, or less than the total needed), it is our policy that those funds will firstly be used for a similar project where possible, or otherwise applied to another CBL project. THANK YOU! Our work relies on the generous support of people like yourself. Thanks for your heart and for taking a step to make a difference.

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