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  • Karen Visser

Anuj has hope!

When Compelled By Love’s team met Anuj, he was a five year old child who had lost his mother. He was also a child without access to education and with very few prospects.

Today, he’s in his second year of a Bachelor of Commerce, doing a computer course, and feeling loved and cared for.

“Anuj has overcome an incredibly difficult background to be where he is today,” explains Karen Visser, CBL CEO. “At an early age he came to the realisation that no one was there for him and he would have to survive on his own.”

Things changed with the support that came from CBL, however. We supported his education, but that support involved more than simply paying his school fees and expenses.

“CBL provided financial support and emotional support,” says Karen. “Our team visited him. He was known as a person, not just a name on a card. When he knew that CBL loved him, cared about him and would be there for him, it changed his life. He decided to concentrate on his studies, work hard and build a future for himself.”

Anuj agrees. He told Karen on a recent visit: "I have hope now. My eyes are focused on my goal, like a horse in a race. I now feel like I belong."

Supporting education enables people to earn income to support themselves and their families. It builds self esteem, fosters social justice, health and long-term economic development for communities. And it has a huge impact on young people who feel alone!

If you’d like to partner with CBL to support educational sponsorship projects in India, click below. Your monthly gift makes a huge difference.

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