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98% of your donation will go straight to local projects

​Compelled By Love has administration costs, just like any organisation does, but we are privileged to have these supported by a major donor - this support includes staff wages, donation of office space, equipment and stationery, and expenses related to project visits. 

In addition to our day-to-day running costs, we also require project management - this is the cost of effectively running and managing our projects to ensure that we are achieving outcomes and impact - actually making a difference. This includes costs for transferring funds, exchange and bank fees, receipting, and monitoring, evaluation and auditing.

​We see project management as a vital part of delivering effective development projects that produce long-lasting, sustainable change in people's lives and so it's a crucial investment for us. With the support of our major donor, volunteer time and a focus on efficiency, we are able to invest appropriately in project management, whilst still ensuring that this is a small percentage of total costs, always looking to achieve the right balance for maximum impact.

​Tax-deductible funds are not used for evangelism, welfare or political activities. If you would like any more information about your donation, please contact us at 



Compelled By Love is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient. 

Donations of $2 or more to Compelled By Love, are tax deductible.

For a receipt, please send an email with details of your donation to


Our bank account details for direct deposit are:


Account Name: Compelled by Love

BSB: 033-369

Account Number: 350909



To make a regular donation, simply set up an automatic transfer to Compelled By Love via your internet banking for the amount and frequency of your choosing using our bank details:


Account Name: Compelled by Love

BSB: 033-369

Account Number: 350909



Drop us an email to let us know about your support so we can send you a receipt and allocate the funds if you'd like them to go to a specific project - or set this up online via credit card, through our partner, Chuffed.


If funds donated for a specific project or purpose cannot be used for for that original purpose for reasons beyond our control (for example if the funds raised were more than required, or less than the total needed), it is our policy that those funds will firstly be used for a similar project where possible, or otherwise applied to another CBL project. 


Our work relies on the generous support of people like yourself. Thanks for your heart and for taking a step to make a difference.