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  • Karen Visser

India - The power of education

We LOVE India! The people, the colours, the culture, the food – it is an amazing place. ​But the thing we love most of course is the opportunity to be involved in seeing lives transformed – particularly the lives of children. CbL’s work in India is focused on education – we believe education is a crucial step in opening up a future for children, helping them develop not just academically, but as people. 

In 2015, we supported seven children to receive education in Assam, plus one student at university. Nelson and Chanda are siblings – Nelson is in year 10, and Chanda is in College (equivalent of year 11). Last year, Nelson and Chanda’s father died, leaving their family in a desperate situation. Their mother is uneducated, with no family members who are earning money. Without CbL’s support, Nelson and Chanda would not have been able to continue their education. With your help, we’ve been able to support these two students to continue their education, including staying in the school’s boarding house during school terms. We’re looking forward to seeing how Nelson and Chanda progress, and hope we can support more students in Assam in 2016. 

​CbL has continued its involvement in Nagpur as well – a community we have been connected with for a number of years now. In 2015, we’ve supported six students to receive education. Each of these students share a similar story, with their fathers having passed away due to HIV/AIDS and their mothers now also infected with the disease. These mothers are working, but it is very difficult for them as their wages are very low, and the medicine they need to keep healthy is expensive. We have been supporting the education of these particular students and working with their families since 2006, and it is amazing to see how they are growing! With your help, we’ve been able to move them to better quality schools this year and are excited to see them continue to flourish. ​Sharon is now in her first year of College (equivalent to year 11), and is pursuing dreams of becoming an accountant! 

​Thanks so much for being a part of CbL’s work in India – the numbers are small, but the impact is HUGE for these children. We need further support in 2016 to continue to provide the education costs for these students – if you’d like to help, please contact us or donate via our website. 

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