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  • Karen Visser

Exponential Impact!

Congratulations are in order….thanks once again to you, we’ve been able to do a third round of food distribution, now bringing food and support to over 1200 people.

Here’s the update on the total impact:

But that’s not all! Your giving has had an exponential impact, reaching many more than those directly given food. Purchasing food locally has meant that your gift has also supported the local economy and small farmers. The maize flour distributed has been purchased from a local business in Kamonyi, one of the areas where we have distributed food. The manager shared with our partner, CARSA, that purchasing from them means that as well as those who have directly received food, there are many others benefitting indirectly as well. The mill purchases the maize from small family farms in the community – together, we have provided income to 170 families by purchasing flour from the mill!

After five weeks in lockdown, with people unable to leave their homes, so many Rwandans are suffering – not only from the threat of coronavirus, but from hunger. Your generosity has brought food and hope to the most vulnerable families, the elderly and those with young children. One lady shared,

I usually work for other people and sell avocados to get some food for me and my grandchildren. Because of the lockdown, I wasn’t allowed to go out to buy and sell avocados or work for others to get some money. I live with my two grandchildren and for the last few days, my grandchildren were being fed by my neighbours as I didn’t have anything to cook. The food distribution came when I and my grandchildren were in a critical situation, since I wasn’t allowed to go out to work for several weeks. I can’t find the right words to express how I feel now, and to appreciate what CARSA and its partners have done for me. As a grandmother, I was hopeless and didn’t know how to explain to my grandchildren why I wasn’t cooking for them. Now, I have enough food for at least the next three weeks. I have received rice, beans, maize flour, porridge flour, sugar as well as cooking oil - good quality sunflower oil, this is my first time to have this kind of cooking oil. Once again thanks to whoever has donated money to support me and my grandchildren, may God bless you very much for thinking about someone whom you don’t even know and have never met.

Your generosity has done so much – providing food, as well as hope. Building into people’s lives, encouraging them and letting them know they are not forgotten. It has reached not only individuals and families, but whole communities. It has given twice – providing income to local farmers and the local economy, as well as purchasing food. It’s a familiar saying, but this literally is the gift that keeps on giving, in so many ways.

We have three days left to reach families that are still waiting. We are already planning and organising final food distributions across three different areas and communities, hoping to still help hundreds more. But we need your help to make this happen.

As restrictions begin to ease in Rwanda, and we close this campaign, please don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of this – give today, so that no families miss out.

Once again, sending you so much love and thanks for your support and generosity – from CBL as well as our partner, CARSA, and each person you’ve helped!

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