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Generosity in Action: Transforming Thembela's Educational Destiny

Thembela remembers when his family sold their last goat. The money helped him pay to finish high school.

Even though Thembela loved school, worked hard and focused on his subjects, being able to afford even a basic education was an ongoing struggle. In high school sometimes he was sent home because his parents could not pay the fees.

“My family only has a thatched house, with no electricity. My parents work in temporary jobs. If the rains are not good, we go hungry,” he says. 

Thembela, far left - with other sponsored students and their parents and Nomsa, Operation Hope Project Manager. As a graduate, Thembela met with these students to mentor and encourage them.

“Learning with stable people who have almost everything they need is the most painful thing because they look at you differently because they don’t understand your background.”

In Form 4, Thembela connected with our partner, Operation Hope, who helped him pay for his school fees, and also supported him through university.  

Thembela, middle with Fiona, Director and Senior Project Manager of Compelled By Love and Nomsa, Project Manager of Operation Hope

“I thank Operation Hope for not giving up on me during the three years of the course. I have seen my colleagues dropping out of school not having money for transport, rent and food which is very sad. My biggest prayer is that as soon as possible I may get a permanent job so I can change the situation of my family back home.”

Themebela’s life has been transformed through your generous contributions. His journey is a testament to the incredible power of love, compassion and practical help.

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