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  • Karen Visser

Indian Delights!

Our students in India are currently enjoying a well-deserved break as they are now on school holidays. They have been working hard, studying for their exams in April and are now spending some time with their extended families. This is summer time in India, and it gets extremely hot - up to and above 50 degrees celsius during the day - so the school year runs from June to April, enabling the students and teachers to have a holiday over the summer heat. 

But the learning continues - the students will continue to receive tutoring to help with their English and prepare them for the year ahead. In addition to that, some of the girls have been learning other important skills - how to make delicious Indian snacks!! The pictures here show Sharon and Santoshi learning to make chips and the Jalebi sweet.

We still need your support for these students! We'd love your donation to help with upcoming school fees! Click here to make a donation and make a difference. 

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