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  • Karen Visser

Livelihood Beneficiary - Damica's story

Every day, Damica’s hands are full as a single mum of three including two adult sons with disabilities. She also provides for her own elderly mother, and her two brothers, both of whom have disabilities.

When Damica worked in a shop to support her family, it brought in income, but it meant she had to leave her mother to look after her sons and her brothers.

Now, with livelihood support from CBL and our partner, Leads, Damica has been able to map and plant a vegetable garden using training, seeds and plants provided by Leads.

Just a year later, Damica has been able to grow vegetables and raise chickens for eggs. She feeds the family of seven with the produce and sells the extra, making a profit every month – and she can stay home and care for her family while she earns an income.

Damica’s future plans for long term sustainability? She’d like to cultivate mushrooms which will see her through the seasonality of vegetable growing.

We were so pleased to be able to visit Damica, to see her amazing garden for ourselves, and to see once again the huge difference that providing livelihood support can make to a family. Your support has made this happen!

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