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  • Karen Visser

Quick India Update!

Things are going well in India! We are supporting 10 students and they continue to improve and succeed everyday! 9 of these students live in supported accommodation where they have a great environment to study and grow. The other student is supported from their family home. 

Marty and Fiona visited India in February! They had a great time and got to hang out with the students, hearing many wonderful stories. We also supported a medical camp to run in a very poor village. In partnership with a local hospital, a team of doctors and nurses went to the village to give examinations and medication. 111 people were impacted by this camp! 

The 2017-2018 school year was a success! ​Simon is about to start his final year of college (year 12 equivalent) and is doing very well, Santoshi and Tashu would like to study medicine in the future so they are working really hard towards their goal, and are improving each day! Sharon had a huge accomplishment as she completed her first year of a Bachelor of Commerce!  Each student works hard to improve each day and their success is no easy achievement. They have backgrounds which have limited their education, but with the love and care from Aasara and support from sponsors, they continue to grow and learn together! The school year runs from June to April, with a summer break in May so they are all preparing and getting ready for the new academic year to begin!  

There are 2 new students joining the program, who will be supported from their homes.

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