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  • Karen Visser

Ready for a new school term

Our students in India have been enjoying some holiday time but it's back to the books as a new term is beginning! They spent some time with their families over the break but have now returned to the home they share during school term to undertake extra tutoring and English classes. We have students in primary school, high school and university, and it has been great seeing them all progress through their schools. They are so dedicated and each one of them has big dreams for their future. It is such a privilege to be able to stand alongside them and through education, give them the opportunity to change their own lives!

​We have been so grateful to see generous support coming through for these special children. Our new students Purvi and Tinu are enjoying school and we are so thrilled they were able to join the program! We have two wonderful sponsors supporting Purvi and Tinu, and others who regularly donate towards our support of all the students with both education and living expenses, which is amazing! But we still need your help to cover the costs for the rest of the school year, so please head to our donate page if you'd like to be a part of that. We particularly need your support on a regular, monthly basis for these children - even just $10 a month will cover health checks for a student for the coming year. 

Something we really value is taking time to celebrate each child's birthday and making sure it is a special day for them. Thanks to some sponsors, we have been able to provide funds so that each child gets to choose a gift for their birthday and also share whatever is their favourite meal together. Each one of these students is so precious and has so much worth - we want them to know they are loved, they are special and they are worth celebrating! 

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