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  • Karen Visser

Sponsoring education has huge benefits

"Other families used to look down on my mother and us, but now they look at us and wish their children were where we are now."

When Compelled By Love became aware of Ankit years ago, he was a poor child from a village family who didn’t have access to a good education.

Now, not only is Ankit studying for a Bachelor of Arts with the support of CBL, he has been working at enough odd jobs to be able to purchase a piece of land and build a small house for his family!

Ankit told Karen Visser on her recent visit to India: "Although I come from a poor background, I have never lived like I am poor. I have always had everything I need [through CBL support]. Other families don't show this love to their own children, this love that CBL has shown."

Ankit with CBL CEO Karen Visser

“This is so amazing,” Karen Visser says. “I am absolutely blown away by Ankit’s drive, ambition and achievements. He is proof that supporting education builds self-esteem and has huge benefits on long term economic development for families and communities.”

If you’d like to be part of the amazing work of educational partnership in India and beyond, read more here and partner with CBL today.

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