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Student Sponsorship Opportunity

We are welcoming three new students into our education sponsorship program! This is a super exciting opportunity for the students to gain quality education and a bright future, and it's also a great opportunity for YOU to get involved!  Compelled By Love connects sponsors to students in India and Rwanda, who help with school fees and all education-related expenses including living costs when that is needed for study. Our student sponsorship program not only focuses on quality education, but the growth and development of the whole person, so they can succeed and achieve their goals. 

In India, we have two new students - Purvi and Tinu - who will be joining the program, but we need your help to see them sponsored!

Meet Purvi... Purvi is a cheerful and friendly 10 year old. She lives at home with her younger brother and mother, her father passed away in 2008 from HIV/ AIDS. ​Her mother was working in shops but as she is HIV positive, she has become very weak and is now unable to work. 

Purvi just finished 4th standard (grade 4 equivalent) at an English medium school and they would like her to continue as they say she is a bright student with a promising future! ​

Purvi will continue to live with her family and will have her education supported. 

Meet Tinu... Tinu lives in a very poor slum with her aunt, Mondi. Both her parents have died and she has been living with Mondi since she was a little girl, and calls her mum. 

Tinu is around the age of 12, her exact age is unknown, and she has completed 5th standard (grade 5 equivalent). She works as a maid with her aunt, and the go from house to house, cleaning, mopping and washing clothes.

We hope to enrol Tinu in a residential school (boarding school) so she can come out of the slum area and continue her education. 

Sponsorship of either of these beautiful girls is just $40 a month and covers all education needs including school fees, uniform, books, stationary and so on. Sponsorship is a tax deductible donation.  ​ Both Purvi and Tinu have been sponsored - how amazing is that! If you are interested in education sponsorship, please learn more here!

Sponsoring a student not only helps them receive an education, but helps their family to use any income they do receive for necessities like food and shelter. Often children in disadvantaged situations will not be able to go beyond primary school as their families cannot afford a high school education. Student sponsorship is a long-term process - you receive the opportunity to walk alongside a student, and be a part of seeing them grow into the best people they can be, achieve their goals and reach their potential - amazing! It helps them to break out of the poverty cycle and have a bright future, where they can support their own family and their community! Helping one, truly helps many.

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