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  • Karen Visser

Australia - Impacting Young People

Our Australian partner, Youth and Family Therapy (YaFT) have had an incredible year impacting the lives of so many young people. CbL funded the No Limits process at both campuses of Keysborough Secondary College and at Bayswater Secondary College. This provided the opportunity for over 50 young people to explore their potential, set goals for their own personal growth, find new ways of dealing with difficulties, and new ways of seeing themselves and others. CbL also helped support Sailing On as a Phase 3 of No Limits, which helped young people really go a lot further in their personal journeys. 

One of the highlights from 2015 was the girls No Limits group at Keysborough, as they really embraced the process, and on the hike displayed care for themselves and each other, respectful relationships and the ability to deal with difficulties and also enjoy life.

One of the young guys from No Limits is going to be the year 10 leader at his school in 2016, with No Limits having really helped him grow in confidence towards this.

At one of the graduations, the parents of one young person shared how they had seen a real change in their daughter – she has settled significantly, has become more confident, and now has a real ‘spark’ about her – so exciting to see transformation like that!

Another student had amazing insight into herself and her own life, sharing that she realised how difficult she had been in class with teachers, how she had refused to do any work and saw that this was not helpful to either herself or others, and that she was determined for this to change in 2016. Her father also shared that he had seen an extraordinary change in her life over the past few months and was amazed to see her much more co-operative, with a stronger self-control of her emotions, and engaging more with their family. So incredible! 

No Limits was a great experience for the students, but also for volunteers as well, who learnt more about themselves, received new perspectives on life, and were also challenged and equipped with skills they can bring back into their own lives. 

Every young person is full of so much potential, but many of them don’t see this or know this because of circumstances such as a difficult home life, bullying, lack of self-confidence, learning issues and other struggles in life and at school. No Limits gives young people the opportunity to explore who they are and discover what they are capable of – changing the course of life for many of them, giving them tools to make positive choices for themselves. Again – it all comes back to you and the support you’ve given.

​There are huge possibilities for YaFT in 2016 with more schools interested in having No Limitsclick here if you’d like to donate towards No Limits and seeing more young people have the chance to be all they can be!

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