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Total Impact

The campaign has finished, but the food distribution has continued! Thanks to your generous support of 21 Days of Hope, together with our local partner we’ve completed three more rounds of food distribution in Rwanda – amazing! The desperation and the need continue, with many lockdown restrictions still in place – your generosity is continuing to bring hope and provide basic needs during this time.

Here’s what we’ve achieved together:

$14,587 given through 21 Days of Hope

$25,413 given through other donations

$40,000 in total given to provide food and soap to people in desperate need

This is so incredible! At a time when so many are facing their own hardship, we’ve loved seeing so many people #practicegenerosity.

Now for the best part…what those funds have done:

What that looks like:

· 5.63 tonnes Rice

· 5.65 tonnes Maize Flour

· 2.6 tonnes Porridge Flour

· 5.63 tonnes Beans

· 524L Cooking Oil

· 493kg Salt

· 1.289 tonnes Sugar

· 518 Family soap bars

We are so grateful to you for making this possible. There are no words, photos or numbers that can truly capture the impact. Beyond those directly given food, purchasing the food for distribution has provided work and income to farmers and labourers. Sharing within communities extends the food beyond those who first received it. Then there’s the hope, dignity, worth and value that has been given to people. The gift of food has shown people that they matter, that they are seen and known, that someone cares for them, that they are not alone. You can’t attach a dollar amount to that – it’s priceless.

In many parts of the world right now, people are coming together to speak up for the fact that #blacklivesmatter, and that is so incredibly relevant in the Australian context as we consider the injustice that continues against our Indigenous people. It also has so much meaning in the context of COVID-19, where the impact and experience of the virus and the lockdown measures are so varied. 21 Days of Hope has been about being aware of the privileged position we have in Australia during Coronavirus, with government support and safety nets around us. In other parts of the world, like Rwanda, Coronavirus lockdown has meant starvation and lack of access to medical treatment. Although they live across the world in a different country and context to us, they are people just like you and me, with families and friends and communities that have now lost so much – and they matter. Their lives matter. Your generosity to 21 Days of Hope has shown that you get this – thank you.

This is just the beginning, as we adapt and adjust to the new needs that have arisen during this pandemic, and seek to keep walking alongside communities. Thank you for doing the journey with us so far. Thank you for making a difference. Thank you for being a part of such a massive impact. Thank you for caring. Thank you for taking action.

We need your ongoing support to continue the work we do, both now in the midst of this pandemic, as well as into the future. Let #practicegenerosity become an ongoing part of your life sign up to be a monthly donor and become a partner with Compelled By Love. As little as $5 can provide someone with medical insurance to access basic medical treatment and medications. And as you’ve seen, $15 can provide a family with food during a crisis like this. To be a part of transformation in people’s lives every month – who wouldn’t want to get in on that?!

You can also take action by sharing Compelled By Love’s story – like us on social media, follow and share our posts, forward our emails and send our blogs to your contacts. Making a difference involves not just giving money, but advocating, raising awareness, listening and sharing stories.

Always sincerely, always genuinely, always heartfelt – THANK YOU – for all you do. It truly makes a difference, and it truly matters.

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