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  • Karen Visser

Sailing On kicks off

Our partner YaFT has been busy out on open waters with Sailing On 2016 under way! These young people are learning practical skills in sailing, camping and basic survival knowledge, as well as engaging in group activities that help create a short-term therapeutic community. Over the days of the sailing journey, each young person takes on physical and emotional challenges that stretch them and help them to explore and overcome issues and difficulties in their lives. The safe space created within the group provides the opportunity to learn new skills, communicate and discover strengths and abilities these young people didn't realise they had. 

None of this is easy - we admire the young people who have faced their fears and been stretched in lots of different ways, as well as the leaders and volunteers who give of themselves so incredibly to see lives transformed! It's amazing!

As term two gets underway, we're about to kick off another series of No Limits processes at Keysborough Secondary College and Bayswater Secondary College. We'd love your support for these life-changing initiatives - click here if you'd like to make a donation or contact us if you're interested in volunteering.  

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