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Educational sponsorship has amazing results

Supporting education for young people in India was the very first project CBL took on, right back in 2006 when we began.

And the children we began with have become wonderful young adults.

Tashu standing on a paved area outside Mangeshkar Hospital
Tashu standing outside Mangeshkar Hospital

Meet Tashu. She’s in her final year of nursing studies and works super hard!

She gets up early to make breakfast and tiffin for herself and her mother before travelling an hour to college for classes and clinicals. The student nurses work with real patients, taking full medical histories and learning to respond on the spot. After a late dinner, Tashu studies before getting up early again the next day.

It’s a busy week: there are half days on Saturdays, and rosters that often cover Sundays, but Tashu enjoys working with the patients, particularly those who have mental health issues.

She says: “I want to help others the way that I have been helped.”

Tashu and Karen Viser meet together in a cafe
Tashu catches up with CBL CEO Karen Visser

Supporting education enables young people like Tashu to gain life-skills, follow long term careers and give something back. It builds self esteem, fosters social justice, health and long-term economic development for communities.

If you’d like to partner with CBL to support educational sponsorship projects in India, click here. Your monthly gift makes a huge difference.

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