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This is your moment

to make a lasting impact

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With global projects, your donation has the power to make a difference all over the world

We are Compelled By Love. 

An Australian-based organisation committed to seeing things made right where poverty and brokenness exist.

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Our strategy is different 


We’re all about partnership and collaboration – we believe partnering together and working alongside local organisations is key to effective long-term development.


We’re all about participation and empowerment – communities and local organisations already have a wealth of skills, knowledge and resources. We don’t do things for people, but we work with people to provide opportunities for them to enact transformation in their own lives.


Compelled By Love’s role is to function as partners, collaborators, and capacity-builders, and we extend a continuous invitation to others – like you – to join us in partnership.

You have a role in the

fight against poverty.

We maximise your impact

  by working strategically

Give with confidence


of your dollar goes
straight to local projects
fighting poverty and brokeness

What we do

We are industry leaders of:

Community Development

/keˈmju:nIti diˈvelepm(e)nt//


1. A process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. 

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