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Diane's Amazing Testimony!

Diane is a student in Rwanda, currently attending university. Compelled By Love has been able to support her with education and counselling, as like many people in Rwanda, Diane has grown up through many difficulties. Because of education, Diane has been able to get to the point where she can support herself - so amazing! Education sponsorship is such a powerful tool in breaking out of the poverty cycle,  read Diane's testimony about the opportunities education sponsorship gave her..."I grew up struggling and trying to help myself, but sometimes in the wrong ways because of my wounded heart. I struggled to be an independent and strong woman but I made things complicated for myself and others around me, so it was hard to achieve independence and strength. After counselling, I learned different ways to achieve my goals. I discovered the power in knowing myself and others, loving myself and others, to mean no harm to anyone, and renewing my passion and commitment.  And now I can see the change in me and the people around me."

"My heart is full of joy, happiness and love. My spirit is happy and humble in God's kingdom, as I know I am a child of God..."

"Before I received support for my education my job had been stopped. I was in the danger zone where I did not see hope in the future and this mentality was stuck in my head and I couldn't do anything about it. In my hardship, Compelled By Love came and gave me the help I needed - covering all my bills including rent, school fees, food and also fees for a short course in culinary art. After doing the short course, I became an intern in a kitchen at a hotel in Kigali. While I was doing the internship, the executive chef offered me a job to work with them in the breakfast section, so now everything is well with me."

"I am very grateful because now I have work which will help me to cover all my bills and also help people to live a good life by empowering them with my testimony."

​Diane now works from 3:30 am until 1 pm and receives transport to and from work, breakfast and lunch meals and medical insurance, as well as her salary. After work, she attends her university classes from 5 pm until 9:30 pm. On top of her busy schedule, Diane is now volunteering in a local coffee shop on Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 6 pm to 10 pm. She is doing this because she wants to challenge herself and gain as much knowledge in the industry as possible. She is an incredible woman who has worked really hard to get where she is today and continues to work hard towards her goal of owning her own business. 

Her story is amazing and shows what education and support can enable someone to do! She has worked through many struggles and hardships to get to where she is today. Education is key to breaking the poverty cycle, as it allows people to reach for their goals and achieve them.  It is a long-term investment but affects more than just one person - their families and communities benefit as well!

To find out more about our Rwanda project, click the link below. If you would like to inquire about student sponsorship please contact us.

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