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  • Karen Visser

Students flourishing in India

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

​It's been absolutely amazing to see our students in India flourishing over these past months! Our project partners do an incredible job, and the loving and caring home environment provided for these children is resulting in smiling faces, healthy bodies, and improving studies! 

Our students in Nagpur enjoyed two birthday celebrations recently, with both Ankit and Tashu growing another year older! Of course we made sure there was cake, along with some other yummy treats for the children to enjoy together. How important it is to take time, effort and resource to celebrate these young lives and to let these children know how loved and special they are!

Some of our supporters also have birthdays coming up - and are using these as an opportunity to raise funds for Compelled By Love - how amazing! If you'd like to use your birthday to make a difference, click here

The children have undergone health checks, including blood tests, to make sure all is well with them physically. We are also super proud that our students are doing well in their studies, working hard and improving their grades with the help of good schools and extra tutoring. They are all currently sitting their end of year exams, with the school year in Nagpur finishing in mid-April due to the approach of the very hot summer months. We've purchased a water cooler for the home, as temperatures have already started reaching 50 degrees celsius!

Special mention goes to Santoshi, who received an award for academic excellence, and to Om who won an award in a drawing contest - fantastic!

​We absolutely LOVE seeing these students reach their potential! With your help, we've seen these students grow in so many ways - but we still need further support for their education as we look to the start of another school year. Can you help? Click here to donate or contact us to become a regular sponsor

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